Claw Cracking Tips

Your fresh from Florida stone crab claws will come to you freshly removed from the crab which will then re-generate it’s claw…making stone crab claws not only truly delicious but also truly renewable.

First, you need to crack the claws (the work part) to get the succulent meat (the fun part). First place the claws on a hard surface such as a cutting board and use a wooden mallet (which we give you for free) or a blunt instrument (which Sears did not give you for free) to firmly strike the center of the claw until it cracks. Oops, this can be a bit messy so before actual cracking, cover the claw with a thin cloth or put the claw in a plastic bag. Now peel away the fragmented shell pieces, pull apart the knuckles and pull the small pincher away from the big, bad one, and pick out the meat. There is a hard, cartilage like membrane in the thickest part which you should discard along with the shell pieces in a responsible way.

you’ll find that the meat is so sweet you can eat and enjoy it as is…but if your hedonistic side takes over you can enhance your claw dining experience by adding lemon or lime juice or dipping the meat in melted butter or into our simply delicious mustard sauce available to purchase on the shop page or finally you can bring out your inner sous chef and make your own sauce (please see our recipes page for a kick start).

Note to the true stone crab claw lovers…a mechanical stone crab cracker (see picture) is available for online order. You can buy it from us at the bargain price of $80.00 (plus shipping and handling) or by calling 305-468-3645.